Folder drag & drop from desktop, syntax checking options and more

Here in sourceLair, we strongly believe that the development process should feel totally natural. Many software teams have people in charge of the visual aspect of their user interface, who work mainly with image processing tools and as a matter of fact, they feel more comfortable when they interact visually, with their software. Drag & drop is, most probably, the best example of natural visual interaction with software and today we are taking one great leap forward, towards this direction.

From now on, when using Google Chrome you can drag n drop both files and folders into your sourceLair project, while drag & drop will work the same, just for files, for the rest of the modern web browsers. Copying whole directories with images, or any other kind of files, to sourceLair, now feels more natural; just like the way you used to do it in you traditional desktop applications.

Starting today you can choose for which languages you should get syntax checking. If you feel uncomfortable with having JavaScript and CSS error markers, next to your code, go to your Control Panel and disable syntax checking for the languages you desire.

Last, this week we shipped a lot of user interface enhancements that streamline the usage of sourceLair, by making it more responsive and eye-friendly.

So go now to and feel free to drag and drop whole directories into your sourceLair project