PostgreSQL add-on goes generally available

Today we are delighted to make our PostgreSQL add-on available for everybody! Starting now you can develop your applications, that depend on PostgreSQL to store their data frictionlessly on SourceLair. There is no need to download, manage and maintain your PostgreSQL server any more for your development environment.

Whether you have an existing project on SourceLair that you would like to hook a PostgreSQL database on it, or if you would like to get started with a new one, the PostgreSQL add-on will do the work for you.

Create project with PostgreSQL

Needless to mention that PostgreSQL at SourceLair makes a stellar combination with our Heroku-flavored Django and Node.js projects, because of our integration with Heroku and the official Heroku Postgres offering.

Just like the rest of our add-ons, PostgreSQL has 512MB of dedicated RAM, consumes no resources of your project and it is priced at $5 per month.

To learn more about PostgreSQL at SourceLair, check out our help page at

Go to now and start working with PostgreSQL on your project in less than 5 seconds.