Open your files with a single click

We are really happy to announce the ability to open your files with a single click instead of a double one!

When we started working on SourceLair's file explorer, we decided to stay as close as possible to the behavior of a typical operating system's file explorer. The truth though is that OSs are much more complex systems than a product like ours, which attempts to address specific customer needs.

For this reason we decided to take a different approach on how the file explorer works, and attempt to save you some time, since the reason the file explorer is used most is to... open files!

One click open setting

Since this feature could feel intrusive for some users though, we decided to roll it out as an opt-in only feature at the moment. This means that you will have to enable this yourself in order to access its endless awesomeness.

Open your editor settings at, enable Single-click open and enjoy the awesomeness.