WebLinks in terminal

Today we are glad to announce an upgrade to our fully-featured terminal with a great new feature and substantial performance improvements!

Starting today, whenever the terminal detects a valid URL in it's output, it will convert it automatically to a hyperlink that you can click to open it in a new tab!

This means that you don't have to select, copy and paste links from the terminal to open a new Bitbucket Pull Request or view a documentation page in your browser. Just move your mouse over the URL you would like to open and click!

If you want to take a quick look at how this works, we created a video for you to check out!

WebLinks in SourceLair Terminal


In addition, in this release we bundled great performance improvements when displaying large chunks of output. This means that if you run a program that prints huge loads of output to the terminal, you should see no more lagged, but fluid scrolling.

Want to learn more about our fully-featured terminal and the WebLinks feature? Head over to our updated docs at https://help.sourcelair.com/terminal to learn all you can do with it!

Lose no more time and go straight to https://www.sourcelair.com to check out all this new goodness in the SourceLair Terminal!