Sundaygram: Django development; on the cloud

Setting new foundation for software development is not an easy task. We, in sourceLair, love challenges and changing the way we develop great software is a great challenge.

Today we are really excited to make available for everyone the ability to develop your Django projects on sourceLair. Developing Django projects never was that easy. After cloning your repo, click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of the file explorer and choose Django as the type of your project. The path to your file gets automatically discovered and after clicking on Save changes you will get a public URL to preview and share your app.

Your app doesn't need manual syncing or updating. After saving your files, your changes will be reflected almost immediately to your public URL. If you'd like to create a new app inside your Django project just right click on empty space on your file explorer and select startapp from the Django submenu of the context menu.

One of the greatest values of Django is the database abstraction it offers. To get advantage of this feature on sourceLair you can use SQLite as your database right now, while more database engines will be released in the next weeks. In your Django configuration file set the filename of your choice, for your SQLite database inside the /data directory and you will get it working in seconds. Updating your models to the database was never easier. Whenever you want you can select syncdb from the Django submenu of the context menu, to update your models to the database.

We would be really glad to see your Django project developed on sourceLair. So go to, start developing your Django projects on the cloud and let us know about your experience and feedback at