Introducing the Command Palette

Here, in sourceLair, we always try to augment developers' productivity through constant innovation. We introduce sophisticated new features that borrow behavior and usability from proven technologies, while unleashing totally new capabilities for our users.

One of the features that Subime Text users love is the Command Palette, which gives you instant access to editor commands, through a very simple —yet powerful— text search engine. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Command Palette for sourceLair, loaded with more than 20 commands that let you manipulate your IDE. Just hit Ctrl + Shift + P (or Cmd + Shift + P on your Mac) and unleash the power of the Command Palette, through your keyboard.

We started re-engineering our whole UI so as to be more consistent with the Command Palette, so today we are also shipping an all-new UI for Committing, Branch checking out and Branch merging. The new Commit message UI lets you enter your commit message summary and body separately. The Branch checking out and merging lets you search through the available branches, thus making this procedure extremely faster and easier for you, especially if you work on a large project that has many branches.

Last but not least, today we are launching, a website where you can check the current status of the sourceLair service and see if everything is fully functional.

Go to and see yourself how much your productivity increases, when not getting your hands off the keyboard, with the all-new Command Palette.