Sundaygram; Introducing multi-processing

Boosting the productivity of developers is one of our top priorities, since the beginning of sourceLair and is something that always intrigued us to try to achieve.

Today, we are taking a big leap towards this direction, by enabling multiple processes for our users. That means that, starting now, almost each process on sourceLair (e.g the django server, syncdb, pip install, bower install etc) has its own console tab in the UI, that stays up-to-date with the logs of your process, in real time. That way your Django server logs do not interfere with the output of your Git merge and everything is tidy, in its place. This combined with the always-available live feed of your Django server logs, will take your productivity to a whole new level.

Additionally, today we are rolling out a lot of UI enhancements that make working on sourceLair a much more pleasant and eye-friendly procedure. We strongly believe that the user interface plays a vital role in user's productivity, so we constantly do our best to keep our user interface simple, efficient and elegant.

Go now to and enjoy spawning multiple processes for your projects.