Sundaygram; Introducing pip, bower and CSS/JavaScript preprocessors

The last six months, we introduced two brand new types of project; Django projects and HTML projects, each one of those lets you take advantage of the specific features of each platform.

Today, we are thrilled to announce support for Pip and Bower at sourceLair. Installing the dependencies for your project was never that easy; just right click on your requirements.txt or bower.json file and select Install pip dependencies or Install dependencies, respectively, to install them. sourceLair will install your Python dependencies in an isolated environment, dedicated to your project, while your Bower dependencies will be installed inside the directory of your HTML project (as they used to). We are extremely enthusiast about today, since it marks sourceLair as the first IDE to ship with pip integration.

pip install, on sourceLair

Last but not least, today we are shipping support for some of the most prominent CSS and JavaScript preprocessors. Starting now, you can compile your SASS, SCSS and LESS code to CSS, and your CoffeeScript and TypeScript code to JavaScript as well. To do that just right click on the file you would like and then choose Compile to CSS or Compile to JavaScript respectively.

These are just a few updates compared to what's coming in the next week. Till then, stay tuned and go to and start using your favorite package manager and CSS/JS preprocessors.