Announcing OpenDevelop

sourceLair is based on open source software both for its development process and for its production infrastructure. We strongly believe in giving back to the open source community and that is why today we are revealing a project we have been working on lately that we think is going to change the way code is being run on the cloud.

We are thrilled to announce OpenDevelop; an open-source platform that lets you run your code with a single HTTP request. OpenDevelop lets developers easily run any piece of code inside secure, isolated sandboxes, while it can distribute the load in a transparent way for the developer. OpenDevelop has been designed so as to totally replace sourceLair's backend for running any piece of code and we are really happy for having an open source software, designed by us, to back our service. Additionally we aim in having an OpenDevelop instance available to the public, in the beginning of 2014, which is going to be completely free and exclusively for non-commercial use, so as to let developers around the world take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology.

Don't lose any more time and go now at to explore all the new ways to harness the power of the cloud as a code running platform.