Sundaygram: Django template highlighting (and more)

Creating an efficient development environment that, sometimes, even surpasses the established tools, regarding how easily, fast and intuitively you can do specific operations is not an easy job; but this is the kind of job we like and enjoy to do every single day. Today we are taking a significant step in making the development of Django projects easier and more convenient.

From now on, when you edit an HTML file in a Django project, on sourceLair, you will automatically get highlighting for the syntax of the Django template language. This feature provides a more semantic presentation of your code, with zero-configuration, and thus enforces your productivity.

Django template highlighting

Additionally, starting today, when you start a new Django project on sourceLair, there is no need for you to configure the database; we do that for you. Then only thing you have to do is start developing your models and perform syncdb every time you have a new model to add to the database. Starting a new Django project has been made easier and faster than ever.

Go now to to take advantage of the easiest way to start and develop your Django project!