Your Terminal With You, Wherever You Go

Everyone gets angry when the Terminal disconnects, or stops listening. There are tools to get over this, like tmux, but still you have to handle sessions and remember to activate the right one each time you log in. What's better than having your Terminal waiting there for you, possibly executing your last command if it has not finished yet, without you caring about it.

That's why, today, we are introducing persistent bash Terminal sessions in SourceLair. Terminal sessions in SourceLair persist after closing your browser, switching computers or even after logging out and whenever you get to your workspace, they are always there waiting for you. You can even log in from two different computers and see your bash Terminals updating in real time!

Real Time Synchronization Between Terminals

We know how much you care about having a usable and great terminal, even more we understand that you might need to continue working after an Internet spike or after going back home from work, so we couldn't do anything less than that.

Have fun coding on the Cloud, with a persistent Terminal that's always there waiting for you.