echo "PHP to the World"

We put our best efforts in making the development process fast, easy and intuitive. Today, by introducing PHP support in SourceLair, we make one more step towards our goal.

PHP Live Preview

As always, developing your PHP applications is super easy. All you need to do is sign in to your SourceLair account, create an "HTML/PHP" project and your server is up and running, waiting for you. To preview your PHP files, you can either open your them with Split View and see your changes in real time, or open your "Public URL" and watch your server running.

Existing HTML projects get an automatic update with PHP support. If you need a project just for HTML you have nothing to worry about, your HTML projects will continue to work as expected.

Sign in to and enjoy custom URL routing using ".htaccess", real time preview with Split View and more with the new PHP support.