SourceLair Guides

Well begun is half done!

SourceLair Guides are ready to help our users and visitors get started with SourceLair in the most effective way. Investing just a few minutes, will make you feel like you are working in SourceLair for years. Fast development on the cloud is even closer.

SourceLair Guides


  • Getting Started: Get familiar with the most well known programming languages in SourceLair. We are going to enrich this category frequently as more and more guides are coming.
  • Source Control: An initial guide is already up. We are going to add some more guides concerning remotes and git control.
  • Package Management: Packages and libraries are usually essential. You can handle them in SourceLair like in your desktop. Guides for pip, linuxbrew and more are coming.

Future Plans

  • Keep our guides updated
  • Cover every programming language & tool that you can utilize in SourceLair

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