Sundaygram: Upgrade to sourceLair Pro, using Bitcoin

Developers all around the world, despite their differences, usually share interest for specific fields of the technology world. Bitcoin is one of those fields that has attracted a great amount of developers the last years, which actually grows constantly and almost exponentially.

Today we are excited to announce Bitcoin support for upgrading to sourceLair Pro. We have been watching its growth and continuously increased adoption for a long time, so we decided that letting our users use their Bitcoins to upgrade their sourceLair accounts would be all but a bad investment. Giving as much flexibility as possible to our users, so as to improve their experience, while using sourceLair, is a top priority for us and the way of paying for sourceLair is not an exception for that.

In case you want to upgrade to sourceLair Pro but you only trust Bitcoin for your online transactions, now you can go to and upgrade your account using your Bitcoin wallet.