Introducing EditorConfig support

Tabs or spaces? 2 or 4 spaces of indentation?

If you find yourself thinking about stuff like that when working on a project, EditorConfig is the solution for you. Just by defining your preferences and settings in a simple .editorconfig file with INI format, you will solve these issues once and for all.

We are happy to announce that starting today, SourceLair has built-in support of EditorConfig. The same .editorconfig file that you worked with, on Vim, Emacs or Atom, will do the same job in your SourceLair editor. .editorconfig

All the existing .editorconfig files in your repo are detected, and any settings that match the file you are currently editing are applied at once.

A detailed description about the supported EditorConfig settings in SourceLair can be found in its feature page.

With the introduction of EditorConfig support, one more configuration hassle has been removed from your workflow. Just import your project in, and start coding with your coding style of preference.