Hello Node.js

JavaScript - and Node.js in particular - is getting a lot of attention lately. Be it the nice threading model, the ease of adoption or the ability to have full stack developers just coding against JavaScript, Node.js is here to stay.

Removing friction from your development workflow is our first priority and we couldn't ignore the fact that you might be using different frameworks to code.

That's why, today onwards SourceLair sports Node.js out of the box. We did our best to make Node.js support framework agnostic, so that you can easily code on your favorite framework with the least effort. You can configure your workspace accordingly and enjoy the awesome SourceLair sauce.

Bootstrapping at a glance

Bootstrapping your Node.js project is as easy as counting to 4 - the number clicks needed to create it. When you create your project in SourceLair, by default you'll have an Express.js project up and running. If you want to install a different framework, like Sails.js, koa, hapi, etc, you can easily install it using our npm integration.

Using your scripts at SourceLair

SourceLair does not only support Node.js, it understands it. When you code your project in SourceLair, the scripts section in your package.json file will be populated automatically in Command Palette. Then, you'll be able to open Command Palette using Ctrl + Shift + P (or Cmd + Shift + P on a Mac), type "scripts" to list the all or your script's name and then run it. It's that easy!

Node.js support in SourceLair

What are you waiting for? Your next Node.js project awaits you at www.sourcelair.com, move on and hack the heck out of it!