Node.js meets native Heroku support

Starting today, you will think no more if your Node.js project will work nicely in Heroku.

Setting up your development environment is always tricky. You want to spend the least time and resources possible, while at the same time make sure it is as close as possible to your production infrastructure.

With deployment platforms like Heroku, this becomes even trickier as you usually don't know how your application runs.

Heroku Projects in SourceLair

As Heroku is one of the first deployment platforms we supported, extending such support by providing you with a Heroku powered environment was the least we could do for you. That's why, we're glad to announce a new project type, which is powered by this environment, flavored in a way that keeps all these features you already love about SourceLair, like dependency management, great Git and Mercurial support, server reloading on file system changes and lots more.

All you have to do, is switch to the Heroku tab while choosing a project type and select one of the Heroku flavored environments for your project. For the time being, we leave you with a fully-fleshed Node.js environment and a promise that more platforms are coming in the near future.

Enough reading, time for action. Just sign in to SourceLair, create or clone a new Heroku Node.js project and enjoy frictionless Heroku deployments with the new Heroku based environment.