GitHub integration, now done right

GitHub is our first and best-supported integration. SourceLair is tightly coupled with Git as the foundation of each project and thus we couldn't have a better candidate integration than GitHub.

Apart from that, GitHub is a nice place to have your code, it's Open-Source friendly, free to start and sports great API, making the integration a fun ride. Last, but not least, GitHub is the service we use internally to host SourceLair's code, so I think that's pretty clear now why we try to have a nice integration.

Previous integration functionality

Up to now, intregrating SourceLair with GitHub was a bit cumbersome. You could only connect your account when you were logged out, by either signing in or signing up with GitHub. You could not do so from within the app. Also, there was no easy way to disconnect your account if you did want to.

Taking GitHub integration to the next level

We're more than happy to introduce you to our advanced GitHub integration.

Integrations control panel

First of all, there's a new control panel tab with our integrations - stating just GitHub for now - but including a way to request a new integration. Shoot us with your favorite integration and what you would expect from it and we'll try our best to make it happen. From there, you can easily connect and disconnect your GitHub account, without hassles.

Hub CLI configuration

Hub CLI is now preinstalled in SourceLair environment and is also automatically configured for you when you connect your GitHub account. This means that you could just hub fork a cloned repo to fork it to your account, without leaving your SourceLair environment.

All these nice features come to accompany our existing support, which includes authentication, repository listing and automatic public key upload to GitHub that make your every day life easier already.

Wait no more; connect your GitHub account today and use the Hub CLI from your fully featured SourceLair Terminal.