Enhanced JavaScript autocompletion

After getting Python autocomplete to a whole new level, it's about time we did the same for JavaScript.

We're excited to announce that the new JavaScript autocomplete in SourceLair is powered by the powerful code-analysis engine Tern.

For each of your projects, there is a Tern server running in order to provide you not only with file-wide completions but cross-package analysis as well.


As you can see, completions are also accompanied by their documentation, when it exists.

But wait, there's more! Running a Tern server just for your project enables us to provide you with further functionalities such as:

  • fetching documentation
  • displaying function argument hints
  • providing goto definition functionality

New functionalities in detail


At any given point, you can fetch the documentation - when it exists - by pressing Ctrl-I (Cmd-I for OS X). Example: documentation

Function arguments

Whenever you are inside a function call, a hint with the function's argument along with their type is automatically displayed. function-arguments Since this functionality might be considered disruptive by some, it is a toggleable setting in the editor settings.

Finding definition

When searching for the definition of something, you can just press Alt - . or Alt - Click on it in order to go to its definition. goto-definition

Go to www.sourcelair.com and try out the new intelligent JavaScript editing!