2015 in retrospect

2015 was an amazing year for SourceLair. Besides securing a seed funding round for our company, we more than doubled both our new users and paying customers on a monthly basis and released a ton of new features and product enhancements that reduce friction when developing software.

In case you missed them, here you can find the most important product updates that happened in 2015.

Smarter and faster file saving

Working over a network connection can feel cumbersome, especially if the internet connection is not stellar. For that reason we implemented Smart saving which sends the least data possible to the server by calculating and sending only the changes applied after the previous save.


If you have found yourself searching a lot for a file in your file explorer, this discrete magic feature is for you. By hitting Ctrl + Shift + O or Cmd + Shift + O if you are on a Mac, you can perform a blazing fast search for the file you are looking for and open it by hitting Enter.

EditorConfig support

We introduced EditorConfig support at SourceLair because we love the fact that it lets developers that use different tools to work on the same project, while maintaining the same styling rules.

Heroku integration

We believe that Heroku is one of the greatest production platforms because of its simplicity and reliability. This is why we implemented Heroku integration for both Git and Mercurial.

Flask support

Lots of Python developers love developing web apps using Flask, because of its simplicity. We were thrilled to introduce a Flask project type for these developers that also seek for a fast and simple way to start a Flask project.

MySQL server

Installing and maintaining a MySQL server is not one of the most beloved tasks of software developers. This is why we introduced instant provisioning of MySQL servers with a single click.

Node.js support

We introduced a Node.js project type for those people who want to develop their apps in their browser. Also, we integrated npm into the project type to provide automations that will save them time.

Partial commits

Sometimes you don't want to commit all your files into your repository. For this reason we let our users choose which files they will commit, without using their terminals for both Git and Mercurial.

Customizable real-time JavaScript error reporting

Real-time error reporting is vital in developing errorless software, but sometimes it can be quite intrusive and annoying. For that reason we let our users customize their error reporting at SourceLair by customizing their project's .jshintrc file.

First-class Python auto completion

We took Python auto completion to a whole new level by leveraging the power of the Jedi static analysis tool. This way we provide our users with code completion suggestions based on the file they are working on, the system Python packages and the ones installed with pip.

Heroku flavored Node.js projects

With the Heroku flavored Node.js project type our users are able to create pre-configured Node.js projects, ready to run on Heroku when deployed.

All-new GitHub integration

SourceLair offered GitHub integration for a long time, by letting its users sign in with GitHub and clone their repositories with a single click. With this release we also let our users connect with GitHub from right inside the IDE and pre-installed hub in their projects.

Django 1.9 support

Django 1.9 got released on December 1 2015 with a bunch of great new features like password validating and an all new admin interface. We lost no time at SourceLair and shipped support for Django 1.9 projects out of the box on December 3 2015.

Smart Django error reporting

We enabled the pylint-django Pylint plugin by default for all Django projects on SourceLair. This provides Django projects with more sophisticated and less intrusive error reporting on Python files.

Heroku flavored Django projects

We expanded our support for Heroku flavored projects for Django as well. SourceLair users are able to start a new Django project that is pre-configured to run on Heroku when deployed.

We hope that you enjoyed these features as much as we did. If you were not aware about any of these features take a moment and go to www.sourcelair.com and check out a frictionless development experience in your browser.

We wish you a happy new year full of happiness and creativity.