Instant development environments for your projects

SourceLair provisions instantly an isolated development environment for every project you create.
Each development environment is tailored around the needs of your project’s stack and ships with all tools needed to develop your project pre-installed.

Supported stacks

Frictionless showcasing with Public URLs

All projects at SourceLair are equipped with a dedicated development server, which is publicly accessible from its Public URL. Share your project’s Public URL with your clients or coworkers to showcase it and gather feedback.

Power-up your project’s stack with add-ons

Need to work on a project that is powered by a separate database server? All you have to do to power-up your project’s stack is a single click on the add-on of your choice.

A complete code editor in your browser

Our editor provides all the features you need to feel comfortable and develop your applications at full speed. Some of our favorites are syntax highlighting for multiple languages, code folding, and automatic indentation.

Type less with smart autocompletion

- Live autocompletion for Python and JavaScript
- Provides suggestions from installed libraries
- Powered by Jedi and Tern

Eliminate bugs instantly

- Real-time error reporting for Python and JavaScript
- Fully customizable
- Powered by Pylint and JSHint

Fully featured Linux terminal

- Access your Linux environment from your browser
- Install libraries, manipulate files and run commands
- Use it like you are used to on your local machine

All-powerful Command Palette

- Access all features from your keyboard
- Use free-text search
- Single keystroke activation with Cmd + Shift + P

Git integration

Keep track of your code’s history and collaborate using our baked-in Git UI.

Pip and npm

Seamless dependency management with built-in pip and npm integration.

Split view

Preview your website right next to your code, without leaving the editor.

Drag’n’drop file upload

Drag and drop files from your desktop to the file explorer to upload instantly.

Sublime Text shortcuts

All your favorite Sublime Text key bindings are built into our editor.

Emmet support

Built-in alllows you to rapidly author HTML code .


View changes to your CSS and JavaScript files without refreshing.

Heroku deployments

Deploy Django and Node.js apps to Heroku with a single click.

Start coding with SourceLair today.