Django at SourceLair

Dedicated virtual environment

Every Django project in SourceLair lives in its own isolated environment. This enables you to manage the dependencies of your Django project easily, without need of external tools like virtualenv, while it ensures your project's security and privacy.

Unique domain for your Django project

A great companion to the flexibility of Django is the ability to share your work instantly with anyone you like. For that reason all Django projects on SourceLair are equipped with a unique domain name bound to the project's Django server, enabling you to showcase your work instantly.

Syntax highlighting of Django templates

Django templates make possible strict separation of data and business logic in your web application. Highlighting of the Django templating language embedded in your HTML code lets you better understand your template logic, make less mistakes and be more productive.

Command palette integration

The Command Palette enables you to run commands rapid fast in SourceLair and it integrates tightly with Django in SourceLair. Open up the Command Palette with Ctrl + Shift + P, type django and get instant access to your favorite commands like syncdb, startapp and shell.

Visual manipulation of Django server

The testing server of Django enables you test your Django projects in seconds, by running python runserver. SourceLair lets you manipulate the server of your Django project with a single click, with a Start/Stop server button.

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