EditorConfig at SourceLair

Fine-grained editor settings

Do you prefer 4-space indentation in your Python files, but tab based indentation in your JavaScript files? Would you like 80 character line length limit only for your Python files? EditorConfig is here for you.

Simple, user-friendly syntax

EditorConfig is written in the INI syntax format, commonly used by developers in files like .gitignore or Windows properties files.

Migrating from another editor?

EditorConfig is supported by most code editors that are used today like Vim, Emacs, Atom and more. Feel confident that after migrating your project to SourceLair, it will automatically follow your coding style.

Supported settings


Tabs or spaces? Setting this to tab or space, sets the indent style of your code to hard or soft tabs accordingly.


Define the size of your indent unit according with a number according to your taste. 2 for JavaScript and 4 for Python is what many devs choose. When set to tab, it defaults to tab_width.


Tab width defaults to the value of the indent_size and allows you to define how large the tab character appears.


Set your "end of line" character value to lf for Unix-like end of line, to crlf for Windows-like or just cr for old-school 8-bit end of line.


Setting this to true trims any trailing whitespaces in lines of code — that could pollute your Git and Mercurial diffs — every time you save your file.


Setting this to true adds a final new line character to your file, every time you save it.


Setting this to an integer of your choice will display a ruler to help you keep track of your maximum line length.

Working on multiple projects?

EditorConfig is ideal for following the coding style of each project, without having to take any action.

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